Aluvale & Company Advocates builds on a firm foundation of excellence and customer service to bring a fresh, dynamic and cost-effective take to legal service provision in Kenya. Our focus is to understand our clients, their business environments and their objectives so as to provide clear and practical legal advice.

We are passionate about our work with our principal aim being to exceed our clients’ expectations. Our lawyers are committed to offering the highest form of legal services and to upholding the highest professional standards. With this mission in mind, we are guided by five core values:

Hard Work
Service to the Community


Aluvale & Company Advocates is a full-service law-firm offering a wide range of legal services to our clients. We have a fully functional team that is dedicated to providing these services. Tailored along our clients’ practical needs, our practice areas are as follows:-

Litigation & Dispute Resolution

We represent our clients in all courts and tribunals including the Magistrates’ Courts, the Employment and Labour Relations Court, the High Court and the Court of Appeal.

Commercial Law

Starting and running a business effectively can be difficult without good quality legal advice. We understand the challenges faced by entrepreneurs as well as established businesses in this jurisdiction.

Conveyancing & Real Estate

We understand the pressures that come with the purchase and disposal of property for all players involved including developers, agents, financiers and buyers.

Legal Audits & Due Diligence

We carry out legal audits and due diligences not only to identify legal risk but also to provide our clients with remedial options.

Intellectual Property

We handle various aspects of intellectual property law including registration, renewal and protection of intellectual property rights.

Family Law

We offer a discreet and confidential service to help families deal with legal matters ranging from adoption, child custody and maintenance, divorce and judicial separation.

Legal Research & Consultancy Services

We offer legal research and consultancy services in existing and emerging areas of law to give our clients the comfort of statutory compliance as well as insights into the opportunities presented by new laws.

Immigration & Private Client

We provide specialist advice in the field of immigration law encompassing a range of services covering temporary residence applications, including visas, special passes, work(entry) permits and accompanying spouse or parent permits.

Employment & Labour Law

We provide sound advice on employment and labour law covering all aspects of employment contracts; recruitment and retention; retrenchment, termination, dismissal and redundancy; employment litigation and assist with immigration and work permits.

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